Dr. Nikhilesh lost his dad at 8, and lost his mum to cancer when he was a teenager. He lost faith in God when his mum left, but included Goodness and Doing Good as a way of being – determined to be the best he could be, and not just as a surgeon.



I found the answers provided by the Dr. Nikhilesh Borkar to be very helpful, thorough, well-reasoned, professional and knowledgeable. thank you so much for answering. it feels a hard mass and it was grown 2 years back but after some point it is not growing further or very slow growth since last 1 year

Shruti Morabia


A very knowledgeable and professional person, he not only relieves you of all your worries but gives you the best treatment possible under the roof backed by evidence based medicine!! Gives you all your time till you are satisfied with the treatment options and is very reassuring!! Won't think twice to approach him for any of smallest concerns possible... Because I know that this reliable and sweet doctor is always there to sort my doubts :)

Ram Kishor Tiwari


I found the answers provided by the Dr. Nikhilesh Borkar to be well-reasoned, sensible, professional, caring and knowledgeable. Thanks Dr for your steadfast reasonable response to my query. I could follow the helplessness of the medical science in my special case leading to uncalled for early demise of my beloved wife.I think it was written as my fate.I was not aware of the dreaded disease n thought I would save her life any way.Any way thank you very much sir.Actually some other oncologist informed me that RT only damaged lever beyond recovery n should have not been attempted in case of lever.After 6 Rounds of chemotherapy my wife was improving and was looking quite normal.The treating oncologist and ct scanning doctors also appreciated the improvement;but just after 3-4 days of RT my wife started looking pale n picked up joindice. Sir you have removed my confusion n misgivings.



My first interaction with Dr. Nikhilesh was in the recovery room while I was coming out of anesthesia after the surgery. I only remember the expression in his eyes: Compassion. Concern. Dr. Nikhilesh Borkar is an Onco Surgeon and associate consultant with my surgeon, Dr. Sultan Pradhan, at Hinduja Hospital. He looked after me during the post-operative period – for a month and a half or so, for a few this and thats. A day after the surgery he wheeled in his surgical tools tray… “Sometimes the flap gets infected, and we’d have to redo the stitches…” “Huh? Dear God…” I thought. Although, in a couple minutes I knew everything was alright – not a word spoken; just the expression in his eyes: Relief. Joy. I concluded – this doctor cares for his patients. During another visit he showed some simple arm movements, informing me that I had only until the surgery wound healed to fully mobilize my arm; prodding me gently, but firmly; “Get started, or you’d be stuck for life. Come on, let me see what you can do..” I looked at my seemingly lifeless left arm. The surgery was radical mastectomy; all the lymph nodes in the axilla had also been taken out, leaving my arm limp and in need of immediate mobilization efforts. There was a drain tube attached, the anesthesia effect had worn off leaving me more aware of the pain and discomfort. “How can I do these stunts when I can’t even move it an inch..” I thought. He helped me and encouraged me to do a couple of assisted exercises “10-15 times an hour.” Well, that seemed like an impossible task. My friend cheekily asked, “Not every minute?!” He laughed, and left. He had made his point. This was important. Do it as many times as you can. I reflected on the way he handled this situation as compared to the hospital physiotherapist – whose job it really was. I realized he was fully present while he engaged. He was mindful of my state. He observed. He listened. He assisted. He ensured the message landed home in an unobtrusive, but effective way. And then there is that one special moment that I feel privileged to have witnessed while waiting for a follow-up meet with my surgeon Dr. Pradhan in a very crowded OPD. There was much going on – a child crying in pain, some patients groggy in wheel chairs, many impatient for their turn, medical records being wheeled in and out, names being called out, doors opening and closing.. A patient, probably in her late 70s’ walked out of the door while Dr. Nikhilesh opened it to walk in. Love and gratitude lit up her Dr. Nikhilesh Borkar Dr. Nikhilesh Borkar face as she touched his hand. He gently touched her shoulder – reassuring, caring, accepting of her love. The magic of therapeutic alliance and bonding was palpable. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I saw this from a distance. Being part of that one moment was a powerfully healing experience for me. I had to ask him, “Why did you choose Oncology?” He lost his dad at 8, and lost his mum to cancer when he was a teenager. He lost faith in God when his mum left, but included Goodness and Doing Good as a way of being – determined to be the best he could be, and not just as a surgeon. Scholarships all along the way, Masters from Nair in General Surgery, MRCS from London, Super Specialization – Masters in Surgical Oncology from Tata; guided and trained under the expert wings of some of the top names in the field, years of rigorous experience.. He doesn’t flaunt all these achievements – one can’t see them tucked under his belt, or flashed on his surgical cap as he casually strolls along the corridors of the hospital.. His competency and dedication comes through very easily and pretty much silently. Some may address the healing process in a clinical way.. and turn away from suffering – it is a truth many can’t bear… Doesn’t seem to be the case with this doc. As I sat at his clinic at Dadar, I found myself wishing him, his wife and 14 month old baby girl the best that Life has to offer…



I was operated at hinduja hospital on thyroid , dr borkar was part of surgical team. He was the first to see me before and after surgery. He came smiling to me on every day check up and encouraging me to get back to normal life. May God bless him, he is my true hero after I read his personal story on becoming oncology surgeon. I haven’t seen the god but he is nothing less than god as he serves community against deadly disease. Stay blessed, god has given you this miracle power to serve the society and cure sick people.

Aditi Keer


I was operated at Nair Hospital for Thyroid Cancer and Dr. Nikhlesh Borkar looked after me during the post-operative period. Each and every word written above about Dr. Borkar are indeed true. He cares for his patient like his family.