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    Dr. Nikhilesh have assisted/operated about 800 Major General Surgical Procedures and 1500 Major onco-surgeries till date on adult/pediatric patients in General/Private hospital with well equipped operation theatres.

    • Consultant Oncosurgeon ( Breast & Oncoplastic Surgery + Head & Neck Surgery) at Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital, Mumbai (From 11/01/2018 till Date)
    • a Senior Clinical Fellow in Breast Unit at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK. (19th January 2017 to 9th November 2017)
    • Associate Consultant in Surgical Oncology at P.D.Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai (mainly Head and neck & Breast from 19th September 2013 to 16th January 2017)
    • Observership at MSKCC in Head and Neck unit under Dr. Jatin Shah and Dr. Ashok Saha in July 2015
    • 3 Years M.Ch. Surgical Oncology Senior Residency, at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India from August 2010 to August 2013
    • Administrative Chief resident at T.N. Medical College 2009-2010
    • 3 years M.S. General Surgery Junior Residency at T.N. Medical College, Mumbai, India From June 2006 to May 2009.
    • Worked as an offshore medic in ONGC From April 2004 to March 2006
    • Worked as a clinical assistant in General surgery at Hegde Hospital, Mumbai from April 2004 to March 2005
    • 1 year of Rotating Medical and Surgical Internship at King Edward Memorial Hospital and allied centres (12/2002 to 12/2003)

    OncoSurgery Procedures done independently:

    • BREAST : BCS, MRM, Port insertion, LD flaps, Oncoplasty, Wire localization guided excisions, LICAP Flap, AICAP Flap, TDAP Flap, LTAP Flap, GRISSOTI Flap, Skin & Nipple Sparing Mastectomy, Subpectoral & Prepectoral Implants with ADM, Therapeutic & Reduction Mammoplasty, Fat Grafting, Nipple reconstruction, Implant exchange, Wise Pattern & Lejour pattern incisions for mammoplasty aswell as mastectomy, Sentinel node & Axillary clearance.
    • HEAD & NECK: Glossectomy, COMMANDO surgery, Maxillectomy, Neck dissections, Thyroidectomy, Total Laryngectomy with TEP, Parotidectomy, Parathyroidectomy, Sistrunk operation, Laser for oral lesions, DL scopy, Sistrunk operation. Reconstructions: PMMC (Spiral, Patch, Bipaddled), Nasolabial Flap, Forehead Flap, Delto-Pectoral Flaps, CDP Flap, Submental Flap
    • THORACIC: Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy, Sternotomy, sternal closure, Thoracotomy, Pneumonectomy, Lobectomy, Metastatectomy (VATS) , Mediastinal Mass Excision, Esophagectomy, Thoracostomy, VATS Decortication
    • GI & HPB: Bowel resections, AR, APR, Gastrectomy, Radical Cholecystectomy, Liver Resections, Pancreatico Duodenectomy
    • UROLOGY & GYNAECOLOGY: Nephrectomy, Orchidectomy, RPLND, Radical cystectomy with ileal conduit, Penectomy, Groin & pelvic node dissections, Hysterectomy, cytoreductive surgeries.
    • BONE AND SOFT TISSUE: Amputations, Soft tissue sarcoma excisions.
    • NEUROSURGERY: Craniotomy, EDH/SDH evacuation.
    • ICU MANAGEMENT: Proficient in critical care needs of complex oncology patients as well as end of life and palliative care issues.

The K.W.Dani Memorial Prize, Prof. U.K.Sheth Prize & Mrs.Taralaxmi Khimchand Seth Prize for Medicine subject topper at 3rd MBBS.

Best Resident award at M.S. General Surgery in T.N.Medical College & B.Y.L.Nair Ch. Hospital.

“Role of intraoperative cytology of fissuring dust from mandible specimen for bony margins of segmental and hemi mandibulectomy” Under the mentorship of Dr. Prathamesh Pai for my Surgical Oncology residency.

“Ranson’s criteria vis-à-vis clinical outcome in acute pancreatitis” Under the mentorship of Dr. Prakash P. Shilotri for my General Surgery residency

Participated as Co-investigator (Study Co-ordinator) in international Clinical Trial Protocol No TAR-ORI-SD001, entitled NUVOCID™ (oritavancin) at Single or Infrequent Doses for the Treatment of Complicated Skin and Skin Structure Infections (SIMPLIFI) by Targenta Therapeutics Corporation, 225 S.East Street Indianapolis, INDIANA, U.S.A. in the year 2007-2008. T.N.Medical College & B.Y.L.Nair Ch. Hospital, Mumbai (site no: 258).

Participated as Co-investigator in clinical trial by Ipca Laboratories Limited, entitled, “Comparative Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Aceclofenac + Serratiopeptidase Combination Vs Aceclofenac in Patients with Postoperative Pain” in the year 2007-2008 at T.N.Medical College & B.Y.L.Nair Ch. Hospital, Mumbai.

Currently investigator for study of Nasolabial Flaps for Head & Neck reconstructions at P.D.Hinduja Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Sultan Pradhan.

“Is excision of skin essential in breast cancer surgery?” Poster at Advances in Breast Cancer Conference, Goa, India ( October 2014)

“Bone health issues in women with breast cancer – An Indian scenario” Poster at Advances in Breast Cancer Conference, Goa, India ( October 2014)

“Quality Of Life -A Simpler Way to Assess?” Poster at Advances in Breast Cancer Conference, Goa, India (October 2014)


Guest Speaker at 52nd Maharashtra State Dental Conference(December 2013)

Member of Royal College of surgeons(MRCS), England Membership No: 9029301

Fellow of American College of Surgeons (FACS) ID No: 03264695

) Member European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) Membership No: 7162

Fellow (FAIS) & Life member of Associations of Surgeons of India (ASI) Membership No: FL-30103

Life Member of Indian Medical Association (IMA) Membership No: MAH/26370/3093/195740/2014-15/L

Fellow (FIAGES) & Member Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo surgeons (IAGES) Membership No: 4760

Fellow (FMAS) & Member Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India(AMASI) Membership No: 5952

Member Indian Society For Study of Lung Cancer Membership no: LM-344

Member National Academy of Medical Sciences (MNAMS, Surgical Oncology)

Member of Association of Mumbai Consultants (AMC) Membership No: LM/B/0586

Member Of Indian Association of Surgical Oncology (IASO) Membership No: B0084

Member Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG) Membership No: LM002253

Member IHPBA (Indian Section) Membership No: 624

Member Indian Association of Surgical Gastrenterology (IASG) Membership No: B-68

Member Indian Society of Oncology (ISO) Membership No: B-103

Member Foundation for Head & Neck Oncology (FHNO) Membership No: LM 767

Member Association of Gynaecological Oncologists of India (AGOI) Membership no: 959

Member Association of Breast Surgeons of India (ABSI) Membership no: FL000450

Fellow (FICS) & Member of International College of Surgeons (Indian Section)